01 October 2011

friday (to do's)

cherokee cardigan   merona double layer v-neck tee {thrifted new}   thrifted silver belt
old navy perfect pencil skirt   xhilaration knee highs   old navy faux suede boots
happy friday!  this is going to be a big weekend... my sister is running a marathon on sunday and then i'm going to the hanson (yes, hanson) concert later that evening.  it's going to be such an exciting day--lots of planning left to do though.  i need to make some posters, tie ribbons on cow bells to make them easier to hold, bake some celebratory funfetti cupcakes, make a banner to hang in our apartment ("you are awesome" perhaps), finish cleaning/straightening said apartment, and most importantly plan several spots along the race course where our friends and i can watch for my sister as she runs by.  i hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

1 comment:

  1. You know what's funny? I think the girls behind me in line knew you. They mentioned someone named Heidi who was coming later because she had to see her sister. Thought that might be you!

    I know what you mean about missing a hometown show. I skipped a Milwaukee show for a friend's b'day party one year. But friends and family come first even though Hanson comes pretty shortly after that for us fans.