29 September 2011

thursday (reminiscing)

merona turtleneck {thrifted new}   american eagle skirt {thrifted}
parisian {dept store} necklace   mossimo kachiri boots

i've always been drawn to this picture of e. in a great teal colored long-sleeved shirt, scarf in the same hue, and a winter white skirt.  i have been waiting until the temps dip down a little bit to recreate her look.  i could have emulated it even better if i had worn this skirt, but i just wasn't feeling it with the boots.  so i put my own little spin on it and accented with browns instead of blacks, and i love it.  i had quite the aversion to turtlenecks when i was growing up, but after finding a few cheap donated target ones at the goodwill, i figured it would be worth giving a try.  i'm also anxious to pair a turtleneck with a great statement necklace and skirt like mariel.

i really don't think i would have come to these style ideas on my own had i not started reading style blogs.  does everyone remember how they found their first style blog?  i used to spend a lot of time uploading personal photos to flickr, and every once in a while i would browse through random photostreams or look at the popular photos of the day.  through doing that, i found someone's photostream who often posted pictures of her cute outfits and linked them up to the wardrobe_remix flickr group.  i started browsing through that group and i think that's how i found kasmira, then academichic... and then the style blogging community opened up.  this was fall 2007.  what about you guys?  i'd love to hear some of your stories!  and i definitely want to thank anyone out there who might stumble across this blog and add it to your own reader.

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