06 January 2012

friday (hurtin')

old navy v-neck sweater   j crew riviera wrap jacket
merona slacks {thrifted new}   kohl's necklace
mossimo vassie snip-toe pumps {thrifted}
these shoes have the weirdest name i have ever heard.  i guess i am not much of a fashionista because i don't know what the "snip-toe" style actually means but i think that saying "vassie snip toe" too many times can turn into something else really quickly so it's best to not try it!  i got these shoes at the goodwill for $4.99 last weekend and they were worth every last penny of pinching pain (or were they?!).  as i was walking the long & winding sidewalk back to my car at the end of the day today that appeared to be at least 33 miles long, i honestly questioned if i could make it.  and again as i walked up the three flights of stairs to my apartment.  i lack the words to put to the pain that i felt, you guys.  and... i think i'm starting to understand how these shoes ended up at the goodwill.  on that note, happy weekend! 

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