05 January 2012

thursday (sorbetto)

handmade blouse {sorbetto pattern}   kohls bracelet
merona cardigan, skirt, and wedges {all thrifted target stock}

on saturday, i plugged in my printer and printed off the twenty-five page pattern & instructions document for this blouse from colette patterns.  i was really proud of myself for tackling this without really knowing what i was getting into.  i had to rip out & redo three different parts of the blouse construction and i ignored the bias tape neckline & armholes step because i don't know how to do that... but it is wearable!  this little blouse was a lot of trial & error and my craftsmanship isn't nearly on par with the original pattern (don't look too closely)... but i feel proud in saying that i intuitively figured it out and made it work and i made it (out of thrifted fabric, no less) and that is pretty awesome!

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