06 February 2012

monday (thankful)

mossimo ultrasoft cardigan {thrifted target stock}  merona slacks {thrifted target stock}
target necklace   merona mari faux crocodile pumps

i want to share a resounding thank you for the support many of you left on my post yesterday about my car being broken into.  it was helpful for me to hear other people's stories & realize just how universally random and upsetting this type of situation is.  i did put a call in to my insurance company but my deductible is so high that my renter's insurance won't cover my stolen belongings, and because there is only superficial damage to my car i'm not sure that i want to pursue an appraisal or repair.  a part of me wants to just put this all behind me and hope something like this never happens again but i'll see what my dad thinks (thank goodness for dads!).

i mentioned i was still going to try to enjoy my weekly venture to the goodwill yesterday, and did i ever... the universe must have known i needed a little pick me up because i left with these donated target stock items:

mossimo ultra soft cardigan & mossimo varana shooties
yep, as you can see i'm already wearing the cardigan today - i have a hard time waiting to wear new clothes.  those "shooties" will probably be seen on my feet before the end of the week too.  there were so many of them and were priced at about 85% off of their original target price, what a great find.  i hope your week is off to a good start!

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