07 February 2012

tuesday (brougt to you by fay)

 haberdashery by fay's closet blazer {thrifted}   isaac mizrahi for target button-down {thrifted}
old navy sweater   merona doubleweave skirt {thrifted target stock}

how great are navy & green together?  and how great are old blazers that you find at the goodwill for $1.49 with funny names like "haberdashery - by fay's closet"?  these things rank pretty high on my list of awesome things and boy, i sure waited a long time in line to buy just this blazer for $1.49, so that should tell you just how serious i am about this!  well, my funny named blazer and i have to go grocery shopping now, hopefully if i can get that out of the way fairly quickly i can justify a stop at the GW on my way home to see if there are any more $1.49 blazers that need to come home with me.  have a good evening!

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