12 March 2012

monday (boys or girls?)

friends, i need some help with this one.  last thursday, i popped in the goodwill on my way home from an appointment.  i saw this blazer sticking out of the blazer rack and was drawn to the navy print, so i grabbed it to try on.  i really liked that it had 3/4 sleeves when i tried it on and figured i could do something about the button situation (only two are functional, who needs decorative buttons?).  

it wasn't until i got up to the pay and saw on the cash register that the cashier rang up the blazer as a children's item and that it was half off (it was "toddler thursday" - all children's clothes were half off) did i start to question... is this a little boys blazer with regular arm lengths that only reach 3/4 the way down my adult-sized arms?!
 did i mention the blazer also has shoulder pads?  

brand: michael james, tag on inside front panel

size: 12 cadet

what do you think?  am i going to look like a 12 year old boy wearing a jacket with shoulder pads that is too small for me, or should i just go for it? 

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