12 March 2012

monday (paisley)

 j crew pilar paisley cami {thrifted}   gap cardigan {thrifted}
banana republic skirt {thrifted}   
target glitter belt {thrifted target stock}   mari faux crocodile pumps

i've only worn this j crew blouse once since thrifting it last september, so it was time to let it make another appearance.  i didn't really like the pinkish colored cardigan i wore with it last time, but there's an ever so faint mint green and yellow in the print that matched nicely with this pale yellow cardigan.  i will forever sing the praises of this navy banana republic skirt, i can't believe how versatile it is in my closet and how (i think) it looks great with anything.  i feel really great when i put outfits like this together knowing that everything came from the goodwill!

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