29 March 2013

march 25-29 {week in review}

{week 13}
march 25-29

here is what i wore to work this week!  we're short a day as today is a day off for me, and has it ever been glorious.  i ran to target to pick up some neosporin for my skinned knee, snagged some free razors (come on, bare legged season!) and cheap kleenex (thank you, target mobile coupons), and treated myeslf to the new issue of real simple magazine (i had a coupon, but still!).  i caught up on the mindy project, did some quick cleaning, and listed about half a dozen things on ebay.  maybe if i'm really feeling crazy i'll finish my taxes, too.  :)  it's nice to have a day off to get caught up on things.  thanks for visiting this week!

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