30 March 2013

march 2013 {budget & spending}

here's a recap of my march spending.  i'm linking up again with franziska and other budgeting bloggers, although she may kick me out of the club after reading my purchases summary because... budget, what budget?  well, let's just get right into it:

march paid original
old navy red chambray top 13.99 29.94
old navy blue camp shirt 10.50 24.94 worn here
old navy paisley print scarf 9.06 12.94 worn here
old navy boys plaid shirt 11.90 17.94 worn here
merona melinda wedges - pink (14.23) ppal 29.99 worn here
merona tie front dress - violet (13.28) ppal 39.99 worn here
xhilaration peter pan collar lace top (14.25) ppal 17.99 worn here
merona classic navy long sleeve shirt (new-gw) 4.99 19.99 worn here
*gap kids boys plaid shirt (gw) 1.49
worn here
*merona magenta chunky sweater (new-gw) 2.99
worn here
*merona green cable knit sweater (new-gw) 1.99
worn here
*jason scott oatmeal blazer (gw) 3.99
worn here
k9 by rocket dog odetta floral pumps gift card 30
shabby apple andes skirt giveaway 44 worn here
shabby apple first date earrings giveaway 18
mix no 6 otavia wedges 29.95 39.95 worn here
merona bella flats - navy 14.99 39.99
merona bella flats - coral 14.99 39.99


pluses: i've already worn almost everything that i purchased this month, which says to me that they were all good purchases as i couldn't wait to wear them!

minuses: i really paid no attention to any sort of budget this month, seeing as how i spent about twice as much as i typically do.  i had a cushion of money in my paypal account (sales on ebay) that i used to justify 4-5 online purchases but even so, i still spent a lot of money out of pocket.  i did have good restraint in staying away from the goodwill after i started noticing the pattern of how many online purchases i was making, but i think i would have spent less money if i'd stuck to shopping at the GW compared to online retailers.  the printed wedges (bottom left hand corner) were a total impulsive, emotional purchase at DSW one day.  actually, i bought heeled sandals that i quickly realized were too tall and sexy for my workplace, so i returned them.  the cashier got me when she encouraged me to find something to exchange them for so i didn't lose the $10 rewards coupon i'd originally used.  so i grabbed these wedges, which were about $8 more oop, but i'm immensely more happier with them and think they'll add some jazz to my shoe collection.

weaknesses: i'll admit it, i have little self-control when i have a) gift cards, b) coupon codes, c) free shipping offers, d) redemption points.  all of these bit me this month.  it could be considered "smart" shopping because i always get good deals, but i know i went overboard this month.  i am going to try to hold myself to one online purchase next month.

how do you stay away from online deals that lure us in?  maybe i should unsubscribe from all of the store emails i get so i'm not tempted by their promotions!

notes:  items with an * are not pictured above.  if the item is available for purchase online, the link will bring you to the retailer's website.  "gw" stands for "goodwill" - meaning the item was thrifted.  "new-gw" stands for new target stock i find at the goodwill.

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  1. I did find unsubscribing helped! But still, cute stuff this month!!