27 January 2014

last week's looks

jan 20-24, 2014
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it feels good to be doing my "week in review" posts again, as evidenced by the line-up of heidi's you see above.  the phrase "last week's looks" just came to me and i like the alliteration so i figured i'd re-title my review posts with that name and post them on sundays or mondays.  if you are new around here, you can review the "week in review" tag to see similar posts where i recap what i wore each week.  you can also find ascending pictures for the year 2012 and 2013, both linked in the header.  i'll create a new page for these 2014 pictures to go soon.
monday: post here
tuesday: merona skirt {similar} / old navy blouse {similar} / xhiliration blazer {similar} / merona heels {exact} / inpink necklace {similar}
wednesday: ab studio dress {similar} / ruff hewn blazer {similar} / old navy boots {exact} / merona belt {similar}
thursday: post here
friday: post here

my new job is in a nursing home, which is a pretty casual environment.  nurses and aides wear scrubs, as do some therapists.  there was little description of a dress code for other workers, so i've reverted to dressing as i did at my old job despite that being in a very different setting.  like i mentioned on thursday, i imagine i'll be wearing fewer heels and more flats or wedges due to all of the walking up and down hallways, squatting to be at eye-level with residents in wheelchairs, and, well, so i don't stand out.  i've always adopted the mindset that it's better to be overdressed than underdressed, but some of my higher and fancier heels just don't fit in with the milieu of my new workplace.  i'll have a tougher time giving up my pencil skirts & bright colors though, that is for sure!

do you have a favorite look from this week?  thanks for visiting!

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