03 March 2014

the perfect accessory.


old navy sweater   ·   merona skirt {thrifted target stock}
our world boutique necklace   ·   mossimo wedges {thrifted target stock}

caroline recently showed off some necklaces she purchased from our world boutique, which prompted me to browse through their jewelry section and of course a handful of necklaces immediately caught my eye!  i love a good statement necklace and was really impressed with the quality of the ones i purchased.  i didn't have any ideas about what outfits i may create around this one but somehow this ensemble magically came together.  i love the way this outfit looks with the addition of this necklace!  talk about the power of a perfect accessory.  

because the necklace chain is gold i wanted to wear my gold heels, but if i had i figured people at work would have looked at me as if i were an alien so i substituted for these low metallic wedges.  i've been struggling with the feeling that i can't wear some of the "bolder" clothes/shoes i love to my new workplace based on the reaction i've received from some outfits i've already worn since being there.  i think everyone has a limit to how far they'll push themselves with the outward expression of their clothing and i guess i am finding that boundary.

maybe my coworkers will begin to think nothing of gold shoes, bright orange dresses, or animal prints if that's how i consistently dress over time even if no one else dresses similarly, but it's hard to convince myself of that some days no matter how innocuous someone's remark or comment about what i'm wearing may be.  the irony is that dressing in bold prints and bright colors helps me feel more confident when really i'm a pretty introverted person... so i don't want that to push me back into the shell that fashion has helped me escape from these past few years.

can you tell i've had some struggles dressing for my new job i started a little over a month ago!  :)  have you encountered anything similar at your workplace(s)?  thanks so much for reading & visiting!

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