03 March 2014

one in, one out: february 2014

last month i explained how i was going to begin to abide by a "one in, one out" philosophy for all clothing, shoe, and accessory purchases in 2014.  it was a little more difficult finding items to part with this month and we're only wrapping up the second month of the year.  i'm curious to see if this challenge will change my spending habits later in the year if i come to the point of not finding anything i want to part with.  we'll see!  here's what came in and what went out in february:

{ what came in }

{items are in order as listed below aside from the accessories and shoes that are in the picture to the right.  
if the item is linked, it will bring you to that store's website if it is still for sale online} 

items purchased price paid original cost
merona 2pk ribbed black tights 6.65 14.00
merona red/navy floral blouse (new-gw) 4.99 24.99
mossimo purple v-neck sweater (new-gw) 4.99 17.99
c9 neon blue sports bra (new-gw) 1.99 ?
gleeful peacock cross charm bracelet (13.50) ppal 18.00
old navy women's embellished sweater - gray 8.04 34.94
old navy navy/white stripe boatneck top 8.04 19.94
old navy women's bow tie flats - tan 8.04 19.94
old navy cream long sleeve scoop neck tee 4.82 12.50
merona dark red pencil skirt (18.69) gc 27.99
mossimo orabel pewter wedges (new-gw) 2.99 21.99
mossimo ona flat - black/white stripe (new-gw) 2.99 16.99
target chaia moccasin slippers (new-gw) 1.99 19.99
old navy sweetheart skinny jeans - dark rinse 19.00 29.50
old navy sweetheart boot cut jeans - new rinse 15.00 29.50
old navy gray lace front tee 10.00 19.94
target red/silver cluster bib necklace 4.83 16.99
ourworldboutique frosted bouquet necklace (7.99) ppal 24.99
ourworldboutique bliss necklace (5.99) ppal 24.99
merona tights - gray 2.28 8.00
merona tights - brown 2.28 8.00
lift bridge brewery t-shirt (free with livingsocial deal) 0 ?
emilie m gina satchel (giveaway win from cute & little) 0 90.00

total = 23


not pictured: the first pair of tights, sports bra, and emilie m purse {it hasn't arrived in the mail yet}

thoughts: i think i did pretty well again this month.  i added a dark red skirt to my collection that i anticipate being pretty versatile and two new pairs of jeans that i desperately needed to wear on fridays and weekends.  my local old navy store was awesome to grant me a price adjustment on the two pairs of jeans and a top i purchased online that dropped in price in store a few days after my order arrived in the mail.  i also returned a sweater i wasn't crazy about, so those credits allowed me to shave nearly $30 from my total this month.  considering i still spent over $100, that's huge! 

i used to have a conflict about making returns but now i realize if i can't fully evaluate a purchase before adding it to my cart i need to do so when i get it home, especially when i am easily sucked into online promotions or have my goodwill goggles on when i'm thrifting.  there will always be another sale, there will always be another coupon, so if i'm not completely sold on something after i sit with it for a few days i'm going to try harder to return those items.  are you big on returns or do you feel similarly to me in that you bought it so you should keep it?
{ what went out }

not pictured: a bra + two items i sold on ebay

thoughts: after buying four new pieces of jewelry this month and needing to find four pieces to get rid of i realized that i like my jewelry collection and there's not much i'm willing to part with.  it is so easy for me to buy a fun statement necklace for $5 at target but i'll have to watch this next month!

i also like seeing the side-by-side pictures of what i bought and what i am getting rid of.  i am a visual person and it helps to see that the shoes going out are in terrible condition (don't worry, i'm not donating any of these shoes--they're all going in the trash) but the ones i brought in are also more reflective of my style now.  the same goes for accessories - i prefer necklaces to bracelets and neutral tights to brighter colors.  it feels good to get rid of clothing/accessories/shoes that just don't appeal to me anymore instead of letting them hang around in the back of my closet.

if you also follow "one in, one out" how did you do this month?  i'd also like to try to enhance this challenge somehow once a quarter, so does anyone have any ideas for me for the month of march?

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