28 April 2015

copycat dress.

merona button down   ·   old navy ponte sheath dress
impo tesla booties   · forever 21 belt   ·  one wink necklace

{ similar button down / exact dress / similar belt / similar booties / similar necklace }

i am one of those people who doesn't mind drastic changes in the weather from week to week at all.  last week we had warm temps in the low 70s and this week it's 20-25 degrees cooler.  perfect opportunity to wear more outfits like this with tights, booties, and thicker weighted materials before "spring" hits.  it's hard to see, but there the pindots on the shirt are the same color as the pink belt.  :)

if this old navy dress looks familiar it's because i also have it in navy (review here, outfit here).  it fit so well that i had to buy it in a second color (this one is a charcoal gray) when i came upon it for a pretty good deal online.  i also just have to share a funny story: these booties get such a rise out of some of my older residents.  one of my memory care residents wheeled up to me in her wheelchair today and said, "WOW!"  i bent down and said, "do you like my shoes?" and she gave me the biggest nod and smile.  i said, "do you want to try them on?!"  and she vehemently said "no!" and wheeled right on by me.  haha!  i know i don't talk about my job a lot because hipaa and confidentiality (in fact, i probably shouldn't share that above story at all), but my residents lift me up so much.  i wrote in my five year diary right around a year ago, "i feel like a tool for goodness at work.  that feels amazing.  i thank god every minute for the love he lets me share, because i know i do share it and that it is received" - and i feel blessed that i continue to have interactions that resonate the way i felt a year ago.  i hope all of you, my dear readers, have equally as fulfilling jobs!

thanks so much for reading!

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