01 September 2012

august (budget/spending)

august spending / i keep track of my spending on shoes, clothing, and accessories each month but i haven't made it a feature of this blog aside from my 2011 spending recap.  i've noticed that i've been a little lazy and have forgotten to add some items to my spending spreadsheet in recent months, so i thought it might help to take a closer look at it this month and share it with you all.  i'm also linking up with other budgeting bloggers over at franishh.  the thoughts i shared in my above recap still hold true.  i like to hover around $50-60/month as my budget.  i did not meet that goal from january-may of this year, but i'm glad i'm getting back on track the latter half of the year.

august paid orig. $
merona mittie cap toe flats (new-gw) 4.99 24.99
old navy navy flower button-down (gw) 1.49
united colors benneton maroon button-down (gw) 1.49
xhilaration black blazer (gw)

milky white beaded necklace (gw)
merona gray print dress (new-gw) 4.99 19.99
talbots gray print blouse (gw) 3.49
dalia collection brown skirt (gw) 1.49
merona essential cardi - peach/pink print (new-gw) 3.99 22.99
merona adelle skirt - jacquard (gw) 4.99 26.99
merona purple ruffle front dress (new-gw) 4.99 24.99
target silver hoop earrings (new-gw) 0.99 9.99
xhilaration brown tights 1.5 5
old navy magenta/yellow floral shell (ebay) 0.64
old navy magenta/blue floral shell (ebay) 0.64
merona pleated collar tank - blue floral (new-gw) 4.99 22.99


click the links to see how i've worn each item so far.  i definitely credit my crazy goodwills and thrifting for being able to add 18 items to my closet in the month of august for less than $50.  it's not a surprise that everything i bought came from the GW.  i really love tuesdays when the colored tag for the week is marked down to $1.49, if you can't tell.  :)

here are a couple other pieces i bought this month that i've yet to wear.  unfortunately the dress has to wait to be worn until it's cooler outside as it is too short (for me) to wear with bare legs.  for $4.99 though, i'm okay with it being a fall/winter dress as i think it will look good with both gray and brown tights and a cardi or blazer.  i just wish it were a little longer...

how did you do with your spending this month?  do you try to keep to a budget?  thanks for reading!

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