30 April 2013

april 30th {violet}

land's end button-down {thrifted}   ·   j crew skirt {ebayed}
predictions karmen heels

thanks to everyone who granted me their patience with day one of the link up for the pantone-inspired spring color challenge marissa from the modern austen and i are hosting.  first timer here doing a linky tool, so i apologize that i didn't enter the code correctly and many of you weren't able to submit your look right away.  i am crossing my fingers that today's link-up for the color violet works.  if not, rest assured that tomorrow we'll all be linking up with marissa and i'm sure she'll do it correctly!  ;)

so, how are you wearing african violet this spring?  i looked in my closet and saw lots of magenta but not many shades of purple that i would deem african violet.  in fact, i think if this button-down were a shade darker it would fit the bill perfectly, but i made do with what i had--i hope you are too if you find that you don't have a piece of clothing in the exact color of one we're featuring this week.  it's just fun to dress in some springier colors and any shade of purple is definitely one of my favorites.  thanks for visiting and participating with us today!

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