16 October 2013

pantone-inspired fall color challenge!

last spring, marissa and i co-hosted a fantastic link-up challenge that inspired all of us to create outfits using five of PANTONE's spring colors.  we had such a great time that of course we had to come back and do it again this fall!

during the week of october 21st-25th, create an outfit that includes something from the assigned color that day.  the color could take center-stage in the form of a dress or you could pull it in with an accessory or pair of shoes.  take pictures, write a blog post, and link up to our designated blog. don't have a blog but still want to participate?  no problem!  email us your photos or tag us in social media.  at the end of the week, we'll do a round-up of our favorite looks.

so, about these colors:  of course, feel free to interpret them as your eyes perceive them.  i consider vivacious to be a bold fuchsia/magenta.  turbulence looks like a smoky blue-gray but a medium-wash chambray or dark teal could also work.  koi is pretty easy - pick your favorite shade of orange!  carafe could be any color from olive {i'm definitely leaning toward olive!} to dark brown.  acai appears to be a rich, deep purple - but again, feel free to wear whatever shade you own.

again, our link-up will start next week - october 21-25th.  visit marissa monday & tuesday and me next wednesday-friday to link up!  do you like to schedule your posts ahead of time?  go ahead and grab a button for the challenge here: 

literate & stylish

i'll post a couple more reminders this week - we look forward to you joining us.  let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!

**this link-up challenge is in no way sponsored by or affiliated with pantone--we just love their colors. for more information about pantone llc and PANTONE® products, visit www.pantone.com.**

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