20 November 2014

pantone fall link up: mauve

forever 21 dress/blouse {thrifted}
merona  crosshatch skirt {via thredup*}
adrienne vittadini kiley flats

today is day 4 of the pantone-inspired fall color challenge marissa and i are hosting this week.  today's color is mauve mist.  i'm a little embarrassed to admit that perhaps i have had the wrong definition of mauve in my head because when i first thrifted this blouse (actually, it's a way-too-short dress) i called the color mauve in my mind.  however, pantone defines mauve as "a romantic and elegant purple shade" (x).  of course i had to dig deeper and other definitions i found describe mauve as a moderate purple, violet, or lilac color.  really?!  i always thought mauve was a grayish pink!  well, for what it's worth i'm sticking with my definition of mauve because hey, what fun is this color challenge if you don't stretch it a bit?

how did you define mauve?  grab a button if you haven't already and join our link up below so i can take  a look!
literate &  stylish

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